Mission accomplished. #dallascon #jaredpadalecki #samwinchester


Mission accomplished. #dallascon #jaredpadalecki #samwinchester

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ooommmggg I’m so so so happy for you. How are you even managing to function after all that?

I don’t even know and get THIS

Tonight was parent night, so after a full day of work I had to be at the school till 7:30 on TOP of having NO SLEEP for the past 2 days. 

How I even managed to write that… idk. I’m running on adrenaline and the dumb smiles I keep accidentally making when I think of yesterday. 

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How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except your brain?


Ruby Wax 

Reblogging the SHIT out of this.

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"For the record, feminism by definition is: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.’
I started questioning gender-based assumptions when at eight I was confused at being called “bossy,” because I wanted to direct the plays we would put on for our parents—but the boys were not.When at 14 I started being sexualized by certain elements of the press.When at 15 my girlfriends started dropping out of their sports teams because they didn’t want to appear “muscly.”When at 18 my male friends were unable to express their feelings.I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Apparently I am among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, anti-men and, unattractive.
Why is the word such an uncomfortable one?”

"For the record, feminism by definition is: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.’

I started questioning gender-based assumptions when at eight I was confused at being called “bossy,” because I wanted to direct the plays we would put on for our parents—but the boys were not.

When at 14 I started being sexualized by certain elements of the press.

When at 15 my girlfriends started dropping out of their sports teams because they didn’t want to appear “muscly.”

When at 18 my male friends were unable to express their feelings.

I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Apparently I am among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, anti-men and, unattractive.

Why is the word such an uncomfortable one?”

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a sentence
will always look
like poetry

if you
hit enter
a lot

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Oh NO! I just saw this post. Kind of terrified to hear.

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What the fuck is this? Once Upon a Time?

Is Zachary Levi going to play him? This is the only way it’s accpetable. 

Nope, Billy Magnussen, which is good because actual musical theater experience, but he seems nothing like Flynn or prince #2

Zachary Levi has musical theater background and was on Broadway. But still… if Zach was in it, I’d have hate something he’s doing and… this makes it easier, hahah. 

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Audree goes to DallasCon (plot twist) and survives!

I’ve actually felt really overwhelmed about starting this all morning like… to the degree that I’ve ignored it. I have no idea why, but right now as I’m typing my eyes are welling up so… I guess I was trying to keep myself from crying in front of my students during study hall???? Hahahahah.

No, I’m super tired. I slept mayyyyyybe 3 hours Saturday night and obviously not much last night, and now I’m at work. So I’m emotional but also I’m just exhausted and barely holding it together, but I’m happy as I can possibly be, so even just running on fumes is A OKAY WITH ME CONSIDERING! (I keep staring at my photos and smiling like an IDIOT you’d think I was like… in love or something????)

So below the cut is a recap of the con day by day with pictures, keysmashing, and capslock. Prepare your eyes. I think I may do a voice memo recap this week, too, if I get a chance. (Today is a no go for that because I can barely speak, haha.)

SIDENOTE: I asked my dad if he saw my pics on FB and he goes “Yeah who was that big tall movie star?” and I laughed idk it was just really cute. 


I have to say I wasn’t expected this event to be very well run. The way the creation site is run and how emails go out and just… the general clusterfuckery of how confirmations and notifications went out made me feel like wouldn’t be such a great situation, but I was wrong. It was a really well-managed con, even for how limited the space was for certain things. It was just fantastically done. I’ve been to many general cons (HUGE cons) before and none of them were run as smoothly as this one. These people knew what was up and how to execute things, and I was really impressed.

All that to say, Friday was really chill. I saw Matt Cohen arrive and walk through the lobby. He waved at a few fans who recognized him. Let me just say, no man should have that bone structure, body, AND that personality. Like… it’s not fair to the rest of the humans. Save some for the rest of us, thanks.

Osric’s panel was really cute. He’s really cute. But I hella did NOT want a photo op with the elephant octopus that he was dressed as, so I decided to skip his op and save it for Saturday. We saw Gil McKinney’s panel Friday, also, and unexpectedly fell HEAD OVER HEALS in love with him.(HE’S FROM TEXAS GOD WE GROW THEM SO GOOD HERE CAN I GET AN AMEN!) He talked about musical theater and his background in singing and I was pretty much done. I already loved Henry Winchester so …. yeah, nail in the coffin for that one.

After seeing what we could see around the merchant tables.

(FUNNY SIDENOTE SAM GIRL RAGE STORY: I saw this vendor who had two paintings out, and they were beautiful. But one was of Cas and one was of Dean so I asked “Do you have a Sam?” He said “No.” I cocked my eyebrow at him and replied, “Why not? He’s one of the stars.” The man replied, “Oh, my girlfriend paints these and she just didn’t get Sam ready in time, but he’ll be here next time.” And you may expect that I would have left it at that, shrugged, and walked away rolling my eyes, but I say to you NAY. I did NOT do that. Instead I flipped my Sam tote around so he could see it and inquired: “Well, why wouldn’t she do Sam like… I don’t know —second, at least— since he’s one of the TWO main characters?” He replied, “I think these are out two biggest sellers,” to which I said “Welp, there’s nothing for me here,” and promptly bitchfaced away. I am not proud of this exchange, as making enemies was not on my agenda for the weekend, but honestly I kind of WAS proud of myself…???? I was just SO ANNOYED. Couldn’t help myself.)

Then, we got ready for the Karaoke party which was 80s themed. When we came down to get some drinks from the bar before the party started, we met some of the cutest, sweetest gals! We were sitting across the lobby from them and I saw that one of them had bought a life size standee of Sam Winchester and I thought “Gee, I’d sure like to be friends with a person who would buy a life-size standee of Sam Winchester,” so Rocky and I made our way over to them. They were so hilarious and had great stories about people they knew who had met Jared and Jensen (both were from running into them in Austin). Also, one of the girls, Molly, said she’d like to climb Jared like a tree, so I felt at that point that she and I understood each other on a pretty deep level.


I was so thankful to get to meet samprincesschester, who runs samwinchesterappreciation and worked her ass off to put together the BEAUTIFUL “Sam Girls Guide to Sam Winchester” book (THAT WE WERE ABLE TO GIVE TO HIM; STAY TUNED FOR THAT STORY). She and Ela were absolutely lovely and I was so glad to get to experience so much of the con along with them!

Karaoke was UNBELIEVABLY fun!! I was NOT expecting it to be as amazing as it was, but it was so inclusive. I never felt more like the Spn fandom is a family than I did during that. I don’t usually buy into the idea that we are because of how awful parts of the fandom can be, but that night every one of us were friends with each other, we were singing together with the cast, and we all had so much fun as a unit. It was just really unique and something I would do without hesitation again and again. I regretted not signing up to sing even! Next year (oh yes, next year) I may do that.


This is truly where I fell for Gil because I actually got to hear him sing. He sang “Friends in Low Places” and while I’m not really into country music or Garth Brooks, his ability to hit those low notes juST STRUCK ME YA KNOWWW??? So yeah, wow. It was in the middle of the karaoke that Rocky and I decided we HAD to get a Gil photo op the next day (which we did at registration Saturday.)


There was a ton of classic rock, which I loved, especially “Half Way There”— a kid saxaphoning Carry on My Wayward Song (which they said was a Con first), and a freaking ENGAGEMENT on stage that night. Also, another con first was Gil and Jim Beaver were introduced to each other on stage. They had never met each other until that moment. AMAZE!! It was just incredible to be a part of that. I fully regret leaving when we did because just after that Gil sang “A Whole New World” with one of my new con friends and WE MISSED IT UGH (still want to see the video, Emily and Molly!!! Where ever you are! <3).



We started this day with the Jim Beaver/Kim Rhodes panel. IT WAS SO CUTE WOW. They love each other so much. I got my Osric op done by lunch —and he was adorable, obvious, and sweet as pie. Then there was Mark Sheppard’s panel, which was hilarious and weird. He was rarely on stage, which I guess is common knowledge if you are a con-goer, but I had no idea. He just appeared next to my row once or twice and catch me off guard. It was truly hilarious. Also, he took NO SHIT from anyone, which was even MORE hilarious. If he thought your question was stupid, he just flat out told you. I couldn’t believe it, hahaha. But I enjoyed it. And I was also really glad I didn’t ask a question at his panel. (Oh yeah, and he said that really true thing about how Dean’s pretty easy to control and Crowley did it just fine last season. LOVED IT.)


After that, Gil had a panel and I decided earlier that day I wanted to ask a question so I went up and waited in line. Turns out I was first in line, actually…. which was nerve racking, but exciting. He was absolutely adorable. I asked him if he was considering ever recording songs to maybe put on a CD eventually, or would he consider doing Broadway, so we could hear him sing on a more regular basis. He said he had gotten away from singing and had kind of forgotten about it, mostly because he hadn’t thought he was that great at it, but that singing at conventions in front of fans had given him more confidence and reminded him that he could do it and so it may be something that he would consider someday. It was SO CUTE OH MY GOD.

I told him he should definitely consider doing it before I left and I hope he could see the hearts in my eyes. (If anyone has that video-ed I’d love you forever if shared it with me.) OH and he confirmed that Henry Winchester favors Sam the most in this panel. Made me love him even more.


About this time of the day, an ugly rumor about a strange crackdown on Silver and Gold ticket holders sharing their autographs was becoming more and more concrete. I stood downstairs with a few others in the same situation as I was in —possibly not being able to use the autograph ticket we thought we had purchased— and tried to figure out what we could do. For some reason, people were being turned away if they didn’t have both the Gold armband AND the lanyard, but no one understood why as it had always been okay before.

I decided I couldn’t do anything to bend the rules in order to get into the Jared line. As easy as it was or as willing as my friends were to try  to get me in there, I was not (FOR SOME UNGODLY REASON I STILL DON’T FULLY UNDERSTAND???) willing to break any rules of any kind.

I knew the sudden crack down was unfair, especially because this rule they were enforcing wasn’t anywhere in the restrictions of the Gold/Silver package, but I just didn’t feel like laboring against it to no avail. I wanted at least SOMEONE to get to go through the line, even if I couldn’t, and the lady who sold me her Jared auto was willing to go through for me, get something signed, and hand off my gift to him. I wanted to so badly go through, but I just couldn’t bring myself to risk it, so that’s what we settled on. I was disappointed, but I wanted to try to just be okay with it, because everything else was so great, it would be okay. I just wanted to know there would be a chance Jared would have what I brought him (even though not being the one to give it to him physically hurt me like….. actual pain).

This was also the day Rocky and I got our Misha/Mark/Jim photo op. I know it’s a damn cliche but Misha was so fucking tall??? I just… I wasn’t ready, and everyone told me I wouldn’t be so I thought I had prepared myself properly.. But. Nope. Hadn’t. He was a lot more attractive in person, too. I just was not prepared for Misha in general. I will say I didn’t enjoy his panel hardly at all. I toyed around with leaving a few times, actually. It wasn’t ~bad per se. I just felt uncomfortable and I can’t truly put my finger on why. There were some real funny/cute moments, too though.

Oh yeah, and the Rob/Dick/Matt panel was OUT OF CONTROL and when Misha was out there with them, it was SUPER FUNNY. I really think Rob, Dick, and Matt should have a show where they just pick on each other for 30 minutes straight. HILARIOUS.


Rocky and I had to wait until 8:10 to get our Gil photo op, but it was the CUTEST EVER because he’s a human cupcake. But also, he’s stacked like a brick house, so there’s that. After we hugged up on Gil we chilled out until the cabaret began. This is when we started our self destruction about the next day.


Rocky brought up to me that in mere hours we would be holding Jared in our arms and while I clearly arleady knew that…. for some reason it got REALLY REAL when she said that. I had built this con up in my head for nearly a year. I thought coming in there was no way it would live up to my expectations, but up to that point it had been nothing but perfect and Sunday was THE DAY. The idea that it was finally there and Jared was going to be REAL hit super hard and knocked me on my ass. I wish I could say “THEY’RE JUST HUMANS” I mean… I get it. They are. But whatthefuckever, it was still overwhelming and no amount of grounding myself in logic could overthrow that.

When we were waiting for an elevator to go back up this guy in a ballcap on his phone walked behind me and my jaw dropped open because it was TAHMOH AND HIS NAME ACTUALLY JUST FELL OUT OF MY MOUTH ON ITS OWN???? It just floated out of my mouth and got caught on the wind in a whisper “tahhhh mohhhh????” I turned to Rocky like “THAT WAYs TAHMOH!” and she was all “I KNOW!” It was so awesome even though he LITERALLY JUST WALKED.

The cabaret was so much fun. It was 100% worth a price of a ticket. It was mostly Louden Swain performing and then random cast members coming out to sing in between, which I loved. Rob was SO HAPPY performing and their music was really good. Osric sang Blink182, which was FUCKING ADORABLE. Then Gil came out and sang “All of Me” by John Legend which, let’s be real, basically slayed the audience. I LITERALLY (not even using this ironically) sat with my hand clutching my chest over my heart. It was BEAUTIFUL. At one point Mark Sheppard played the drums and Richard played guitar on a blue grass song. Gil sang a second song that I didn’t even recognize but SWEET DAMnasdklf jadls;kfjal ;sdkjfa ;lsdkjf GIL

So in the middle of the Cabaret I looked down at my phone and saw I had received a text from the lovely lady who had originally sold me my Silver autograph ticket. She said Gary, who is apparently the Con Lord and rules over all, made a FB decree that all Gold/Silver ticket holders can do whatever they want with their lanyards and as long as the person they give it to has an admission wristband then wtf-ever LET THEM GET THE AUTOGRAPH GOTDAMN (I mean, I’m just summarizing).

So I SCREAM in the middle of the cabaret but luckily it’s during a rock song so it seemed normal, and Rocky and I are hugging and jumping up and down bc all of a sudden I’m not just getting photo ops with Jared and Jensen, but the autograph with Jared is a go, too! I felt immediate joy and terror. It was pretty awesome.

That night I barely slept. I stayed up late helping samprincesschester with a few things and then slept from about 1:30-4:30 am. After that I woke up with no hope of going back to sleep as my mind would not turn itself off. I ran through every single scenario that could possibly happen the next day. Stewing in anxiety for hours is not fun, let me tell you, but especially when it’s keeping you from sleeping and you’re supposed to be photographed with actual beautiful movie stars the next day.


Around 7:30 I dozed off in time to jerk out of sleep in terror about 40 minutes later. It took a long time for me to get rolling that day, which was not ideal as the photo ops were the actual first thing I had to do but…. whatever. IT WAS J2 DAY AND NOTHING COULD GET ME DOWN. After I gave my eyeliner a peptalk, the day was on.

Again I have to compliment how well run eveything was. I thought the photo ops would be a cluster, especially in the small space, but they never were. There were a few snags here and there, it’s unavoidable, but most everything went smoothly.

I can’t really explain to you how odd it felt to know that I was going to meet the boys before seeing them on stage. At every other event I’ve ever been to, I have seen the panel first so I can kind of get used to the person’s presence, so this was just… incredibly intimidating. (AND THIS WASN’T JUST ANY CELEBRITY IT WAS MY CURRENT FAV SO…..) As we waited in the hallway, Rocky was cool and calm while I was a mess, but then we turned the corner and could actually see the boys and I calmed down but Rocky started freaking out. I have no idea what made us switch places (honestly I know what made Rocky, but I have NO idea why being in front of them made me feel better; by all accounts it doesn’t makes sense).

What was really surprising was our reaction to Jensen. We had prepared ourselves this entire time for Jared so we had given next to no thought to Jensen because we figure we could handle Jensen… but yeah no. He’s incredibly beautiful in person (as everyone knows), and seeing him as Jensen and not Dean is really helpful in that because he smiles and he’s sweet and it was just… we were not r e a d  y .

What’s really fun about the ops is they have music playing. Mostly I think it’s because they don’t want anyone to try to talk too much, so it’s up pretty loud, but ALSO when I’m nervous I dance and when there’s music on I dance. So I was standing in line bouncing around and it was really good for my nerves. As we stepped up to our op, Rocky was nearly vibrating and I was going over and over what I needed to say to them to get them to pose like we needed. Luckily they’re really awesome about posing and they don’t default into a pose unless you do. They legit wait to ask you what the game plan is, which takes SO much pressure off because you don’t feel like you have to interrupt the natural flow of things.

So we stepped up and had a little group huddle. I grabbed Jensen’s hands (which is something I do when I am trying to get someone’s attention without freaking them out, though thinking about this now, that may have freaked him out??? IDK I’m an affectionate talker???) and looked him straight in the eyes (PRETTY SURE SOME STARLIGHT FELL OUT OF HIS EYES WHEN HE BLINKED, PRETTY SURE I SAW THAT) and said “We’re going to fuss all over Jared and we want you to look really pissed about it,” and he said “Awesome! Let’s do it!” And VIOLA. The best group op ever was born.


SIDENOTE: It was SUPER surreal to talk to Jared in person because, while Jensen’s voice is so different from the voice Dean uses so it takes you out of it, Jared’s is hella NOT different. So any time he said anything to me I was just like…. SAm wINChesttr??? TlakING 2me??” My brain couldn’t figure it out.

Anyways, the actual best thing about our picture is I didn’t say a word to Jared, and he STILL made that cheeky fucking perfect face. I wanted to tell him to look into the camera like “Hell yeah!” but there wasn’t time….. but he DID IT ANYWAYS HE’S SO GREAT.


Then we immediately had to go into the other pose so little Rocky ran around to grab Jensen and I just went “Group hug!” and Jared flips around repeating “Group hug! Group hug!” WHICH I think is why his face is SO DUMB in the 2nd one by IGAF! He’s holding me in that one. COUNT IT!


I changed shirts for my Jared op. The only 2 ops I am wearing the same shirt in were Jared and Tahmoh. I think I did a pretty good job of mixing it up, haha.  It wasn’t long after the J2 I was hopping in line with Rocky for Jared’s individual and THIS is one of my favorite moments of the con. So they push you pretty fast, which is why I’m glad I got 2 ops for both. I felt a little less pressure. (Also Cliff is just standing around teasing the people in line and it’s AWESOME, and he was even asked to be in a few of the photos omg this fandom is fucking great sometimes.) But also, I was so by-the-rules this con (NO IDEA WHY???), I didn’t hug Jared to greet him or say goodbye or anything though many people did. I hopped into the frame and I think he said hello and asked what I wanted so I held up the photo from Tall Tales that had been folded up in my pocket and said “This.” He loved the idea and thought it was so funny he did that cute thing where he throws his head back to laugh and my brain was just like AHHHHHHHHHdffals;kdfjc ;alskjt kjlfdhglkfsj?????


So I’m trying to stuff the pic back into my pocket and Jared’s coming towards me with his arms stretched about to go around me and he goes “Wait! What are my hands doing?” so I have to pull it back out and I’m super flustered bc IDK MAN IT’S JARED WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? and he takes a look at the pic again and he’s like “Alright, alright! I got it!” and BOOM!



Immediately we had to switch gears for my second, so I told him to hug me from behind but to bring his head down next to mine and he did and our engagement photo was created. As I left, I turned and squeezed his arm and looked up into his sunshine face to say thanks and a “sweetie” slipped out and MAN I DON’T FUKCING FCADS RE THATHAPPENDNEDA gdfkj

Tahmoh’s panel was really great mostly because TAHMOH IS FUCKING GREAT OKAY???? So tall so beautiful so not fair to those of us with eyes DO YOU MIND???? There was NOT enough BSG talk. Not at ALL. But there weren’t too many bad questions because he has the ability to always turn it into something interesting because he’s just SO INTERESTING AND G9. OH OH and there was a question about how he played Gadreel and if Jared played him like Tahmoh or what, so Tahmoh got to tell us that actually Jared had already played Gadreel before Tahmoh got a chance to so he actually was acting Gad as Jared as Gad and just YES THAT WAS SUCH A COOL THING TO FIND OUT.

likeever panel discussed jared in depth in some way (mostly about how he’s a cut-up and pranks everyone) so this con was truly the con of jared i feel or maybe it just was for me

The J2 panel was so fab. They came out before they were announced which brought the house down, which was awesome. But what was more awesome was that it was for Rob’s birthday and they brought out cake and balloons and presents. Nearly the whole cast of guests was out there and Rob opened his presents and we all sang happy birthday to him and it was just aDORABLEAfdskf;lasjd! Rob said he was kind of bummed he wasn’t going to be home on his birthday but that all that made it one of the best birthdays of his life. So SO sweet.

That’s when the boys claimed the stage and were fucking fantastic. There is nothing like seeing a panel live. I feel like probably the info that came out of the panel was possibly boring for those not attending, I can totally understand that. But being there, seeing them interact, feeling the energy of the room… it was just so special. I can’t believe how awesome it is. And GEN CAME OUT ON THE STAGkjw e;tlkajwerlkj! I screamed when Jared just mentioned that she was back there, but then she came out and I lost my shit. I COULD NOT believe it and I was SO HAPPY. BUT THEN AKDfjlskj SHE HELPED TELL A STORY ABOUT HER AND DANEEL AND WOWTHAT WAS SO CUTE AND THEN JARED AND GEN KISSED AND I JUST Akfjalskdjf I A MM NOT OVER IT STIL CLCEARLY

Anyways, there were no super great questions during this panel (I had one but there was no way I was going to make it to the mic) but it was really funny when someone asked about Dean having a hellhound and Jensen flubbed up about how long Dean’s a demon. He never specified exactly when, but it’s going to be pretty early and when everyone went “Oh wait what???” he got really sassy like “WHATEVER YOU DON’T KNOW I COULD BE LYING SHUT UP NO HE DOESN’t HAVE A HELL HOUND BYE.”

I mean… it was really funny. Also Jared is a giant fucking 5 year old, which is something we all know, but NO IN PERSON LIKE… HE’S A 5 YEARS OLD. It’s so real.

The next magical experience I had was the Tahmoh photo op. If Jared wasn’t Jared… the TAHMOH op would have been my favorite just for the way it went down. It’s AWESOME. So we’re in line, the music is going (it’s from Kill Bill which is BADASS) so we’re kind of swaying, and I can see Tahmoh peeking around to take a look at the line so I lean back out of and smile and I catch his eye. So he smiles back so I smile bigger and so he waves at me so I WAVE AT HIM BECAUSE TAHMOH WAVED AND HE DESERVES A WAVE BACK HE DESERVES ALL THE WAVEs. So we’re pretty much first in the line (besides VIP grrrrrrrrrrrrr) and the four of us (because Melissa and Ashlie were with Rocky and I both Saturday and Sunday) hop up to the line. We’re SUPER excited but way more relaxed bc we conquered motherfucking J2 and rocked it out earlier so we can do ANYTHING. IDK our energy was just awesome.

When Mel and I were up, we huddled up with Tahmoh and I did the thing where I grab hands to focus in and he holds my hands right back and WOW SUCH A NICE FOCUS-er. So we tell him we want to look at the camera like it’s Metatron spouting off bullshit, and he’s totally into the idea. (In his panel there was a bitchface question and he said something like “you’d make that face too if Metatron was spouting off bullshit to you”.) So Mel and I flank Tahmoh, cross our arms and bitchface the SHIT out the camera and the line CHEERS bc we bitchfaced in our op and it was AWESOMEa lksdjf c;laksdjflkj!!!!

Next we go to walk away, and I —still not being a rule breaker— squeeze his arm to thank him as I leave, but I feel him reach for me instead so like… he’s going for a hug but I’m leaving and so it’s like I REJECTED TAHMOH??? So I immediately turned back and Melissa goes “Can we hug you?” and he’s like “YES!!!” in the tone of ‘you betTER’ so I rush right into those giant arms and that powerful chest and THANK GOD I BROKE THE RULE BC DAYUM that was a HUG LAWD JESUS.


And so it was time to go wait for the Jared autograph and I was so sos os sos fasjdflaksjdflj nervous because I had put a little project together but I didn’t know how to fit the explanation of the project into the time I had with him, plus there were going to be 4 scary guy in suits sitting around watching us along with at least 10 other fans waiting for you to gtfo so they can have a moment with Jared. Luckily there was a lady with a lizard hanging out in the ballroom so I distracted myself and my nerves by taking pictures with it and texting it to my friend who hates lizards. (He also hates Jared and Jensen so it was punishment tbqh.)


I don’t think I’ve actually posted what the project was, but basically I’ve been building a Sam playlist on my Spotify for about a year and thought it would be really cool if he could hear some of the music that reminds his fans of his character. So I got a dinky little MP3 player from Amazon, loaded it with about 140 of my favorites (and a ton of the fandom favs in general, thanks to all who answered my music question a few weeks ago :D), then wrote a tracklist, labeling the songs with season/ep/character/etc in reference to Sam so he had a little context. I tacked on a little letter to him at the top and it all turned out quite nice. It was charged and ready to go, so if he wanted he could maybe listen to it on the plane ride home, but I was so so so SO nervous A) I wouldn’t be able to explain it correctly in concise enough language for it NOT to sound stupid B) that I’d get in trouble for trying to give him anything in the first place and C) he’d think it’s super lame but pretend it’s cool and then I’d feel REALLY dumb.

Luckily samprincesschester went through the line before me and said she was able to give Jared the Sam Guide with no trouble at all, that he took it and was so thankful and said he couldn’t wait to read it, and she said that she already told him I was coming and I had something to give him that went along with it. So I was just like FUCK YEAH took some of the pressure off me PLUS Jared accepted the amazing gift so many people contributed to salkdfj;lksadjfla;ksdjf ;lakjdsf

SOOOOOOOOOOOO waiting in line was terrifying and it goes sos so sos soo sof fj sda;lkfj fast that I immediately lost all the confidence I gained when I heard about his reaction to the book. They make you set your stuff down on the table before he gets to you and just… it was nerve racking. HOWEVER, when he did get to me (HE LOOKS RIGHT AT YOU BY THE WAY AND HIS EYeS ARE REAL PRETTY I DON’T KNOW FI YOU ALL KNOW THs BREAK ING CON NEWS) I sat the project down in front of him as he signed my photo.

I said “So, before I knew it wasn’t kosher to bring you guys gifts I put a project together for you. So I thought I could tell you about it and I could just ship it to you if it’s too much trouble.” He puts his finger on the bag and says, “Is that it?” to which I reply, “Yes.” So he says “What is it?” So I go on to explain briefly that it’s a playlist of songs that remind me and many Sam fans of Sam, and before I even finished my sentence he SNATCHED THE BAG AWAY AND HID IT UNDER THE TABLE WITH THIS BIG CHILDISH SMILE I SWEAR TO GOD THE ONLY THING HE DIDN’T DO WAS YELL “MINE!”

I know I must have been smiling so big because I was ELATED that he wanted it —I think I said “Really??”— and he said “Yeah! I have a flight tonight!” but by this time the gals behind me were moving along and so (ME NOT BEING THE RULE BREAKER OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????) I wanted them to have their moment so I started making my way slowly away from the table, though he and I were still talking.


So the next thing I said to him was (I swear to GoD I flirted this at him and I didn’t even mean to and I’d be sorry if it didn’t come off so well, hahahaha ) “Well, it’s charged for you,” and I winked at him. WHO THE FCUK EVEN AM I, I can’t actually even wink but i did??? And his face lightens and he goes “Really? It’s ready to go?” And I said “Yeah it’s charged and ready” (and I stopped flirting at this point BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK EVEN WAS THAT TO BEGIN WITH ????). SO he starts pawing across the table towards me and and says “Thank you! Thank you so much!” then did the hand over the heart thing and I just kept saying “You’re welcome! Enjoy it!” as I was still trying to move along and leave and it’s a MIRACLE I DIDN’t RUN INTO THE SPEAKER BY THE STAGE BECAUSE I WAS NOT WATCHING WHERE IW AS GOING.

So I RACED over to Mel and Rocky (because by this time Ashlie had gone) and I was just jumping around like “HE TOOK IT! HE TOOK!” so I told the story to Rocky because Melissa had to take my pass to get in the line for Jensen and WHILE I’m telling Rocky the story, THE LADIES WHO WERE IN LINE BEHIND ME RUN OVER TO ME AND SAY “He thought we were with you and he wanted us to tell you that he loves it and thank you and he is going to listen to it on the plane!” And I jUST LOST MY SHIT BC our exchange was so fun and cute but THEN HE SENT A MESSENGER AFTER ME BC HE WAS SO EXCITED????

How I didn’t drop to my knees right then.. I will never know.

The lady who sold me the autograph was so sweet and so cute, as I was telling the story of how the autograph went she was tearing up. She wanted me to be able to get to meet Jared so badly and I felt so thankful that she cared so much to see how it turned out! She was an angel. 

So by this time, there were hardly any people left in the ballroom, most everyone has cleared out and people are ready to go home, and before you know it, Jared appears on stage and grabs the mic to say one last thank you to the fans and says we are why he does what he does and he loves us and we’re his family and I…….?????



SO BASICALLY this con was one of the best experiences of my LIFE and next year I HELLA want to go silver and do this shit right. I will love Jared ETERNALLY. I was so thankful I got to experience this with 3 of my best friends, meet some of my online friends, and make new ones! It’s an atmosphere I’ve never felt before and I feel like we caught lightning in a bottle this weekend. 

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Exodus : Gods and Kings
Press Conference - September 12, 2014
More Pics♪

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checking the tags on my “too precious for this world” photo op and so many say it’s their favorite they’ve ever seeen and I’m………….

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